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Together with Wang Yang we laid wreaths at the monument to the Soviet Volunteer Group pilots in Chongqing

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Talks with Wang Yang, member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CPC: cooperation in space, aviation, and nuclear industry

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Chongqing – city with 8 mln population, overall  33 mln of Chinese citizens live in Chongqing Municipal Province

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Programme started with a visit to the automobile plant

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The delegation of @GovernmentRF arrived to Chongqing for talks with the leadership of the State Council of China.

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Delegation headed by Syrian foreign minister Walid Al-Muallem arrived in Sochi for the Syrian-Russian talks on economic cooperation

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King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia arrives to Moscow

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2 launches from Vostochny are planned before the year end. 5 for the next year. Works started on the construction of the 2nd launch pad.

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A carrier rocket scheduled for the launch in November are underway at Vostochny

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Integrated tests of the launch pad, mobile service tower and Soyuz-2.1

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MC-1 jet begins test flights at unrestricted altitude. All systems performed satisfactory

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Baikonur Complex and mutual cooperation in the High Technology development were on the agenda during talks with the government of Kazakhstan

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A warm welcome from Don Cossacks to Vice-Premier of People’s Republic of China Wang Yang

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Russian-Chinese intergovernmental negotiations in Volgograd.

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Talks with Moldovian President Igor Dodon have been held at the Russian Embassy in Iran

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In Tehran. We had a lot to discuss with Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan

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NASA admits that sending astronauts on Mars in due time is impossible. The studio is not ready!

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Quoted @NATO

This is the story of the Forest Brothers who fought the Soviet army for their homelands after WWII

NATO published a video about the ‘Forest Brothers’ killing our soldiers. This confirms that we are dealing with Nazi remnants in NATO

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The opening ceremony of International Maritime Defense Show in St Petersburg

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