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Dancing With The Stars -- SYTYCD Season 10-- Burn The Floor-- Instagram: alanbersten-- For bookings, coachings, and inquiries

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Please vote for us right now! Text “SKAI” to 21523 TEN TIMES please 🙏🏼❤️ and go to

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Executive decision:  I’m replacing the Seahawks defense with the cast of “Dancing With the Stars.”

I mean. Let me warm up first.

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Hey idk if you know, but tomorrow’s the semi-finals of @dancingabc :) #teamreachfortheskai

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Quick make a wish!

Do it again

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What my phone looks like every Monday #DWTS @skaijackson @Dance10Alan

Yes thank you!!! We need your votes guys!

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Replying to @Rachel079913551: @skaijackson @Dance10Alan amazing job tonight, VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! #teamreachfortheskai

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Goodnight everyone! I’m so thankful :) and wanted to spread a little positivity! So thank you to all of you who support me! Definitely would not be me, without you all!

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I don’t watch much tv but when I say #thequeensgambit is amazing I mean it!!

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Ah! Man this is awesome glad you liked it! Hope we did you and @Jennifertilly proud!!

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Replying to @DancingABC: .@skaijackson, that Argentine Tango was everything we ever could have wanted for #VillainsNight 👰 #DWTS #TeamReachForTheSka

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.@skaijackson, that Argentine Tango was everything we ever could have wanted for #VillainsNight 👰 #DWTS #TeamReachForTheSkai

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Thank you to all of our fans tonight! We love you so much and thank you for voting for us! Thanks for always having our backs! We got you next week. #teamreachfortheskai

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Guys we need your help! Sometimes things don’t go as planned. But we need your help! Please vote for us. Text “SKAI” to 21523 please and vote at

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@Dance10Alan you bought this on yourself honey. :)

If I gotta wear this! You have to vote ☺️ text “SKAI” to 21523 TEN times please. :)

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Who knows where I can get a pug?

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We need your votes!!!!!!! Please text “SKAI” to 21523 ten times!!! Also you can vote on #DWTS

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Replying to @berstcns: how it started: how it’s going:

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how it started: how it’s going:

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Goodbye 😭😭

Goodbye what, my hair??? 😂😂😂😂😂

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I’m so excited to announce the first ever @DWTSJuniors champions @awsmkids_ and @jt_church you did it! Every week you believed in me and trusted me and showed me how incredible you both are. And I always believed in you! Congrats to all of the finalists. We are family forever ❤️

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