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PR guru, to PJ warrior...horizontal in an odd world. Battling multiple conditions with fierce humour, and writing books along the way #DiaryOfAHorizontalGirl


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I finally mustered up enough energy (with help from my PA I may add) to frame some of my pictures today.

God, those little moments of norm are just divine!

I do miss life...

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I hear Christmas shenanigans going on next door... I may just have the bestestest most awesome care home room that ever was by next week! 🎄

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Being predominantly very happy, Derek’s parents where at a loss why he suddenly developed PTSD at a young age....

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I officially have way WAY too much hair. Look how friggin thick it is!

No wonder I’m struggling to hold my head up when trying to sit.
Time for chop chop

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Remembering that time The Shadows did LSD...

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Caption this:

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Something for tomorrow - #benicefriday instead of #BlackFriday.

My Creative Friend are going to donate 10% from all purchase to charity for the next week.


I know lots of you are trying to support independent businesses this Christmas, so I thought I’d give my darlin friends new shop a little share. Have a peek! 👀
#MyCreativeFriend #SupportSmallBusinesses

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely American friends 💛

Hope your day is filled with love and joy...and copious amounts of pumpkin pie!

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What you need right now is an incredibly talented woman in a fantastic dress playing jazz on the bagpipes, you do

You’re right. It’s exactly what we need! #AllThatJazz

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Happier than the morning sun

Imagine being this happy, simply because you got to go for a walk 💛

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Bitzy Marmalade (that’s me!) getting ready for the Sugar Circus 🎪
2010. My Vertical years... #DiaryOfAHorizontalGirl #ThrowbackThursday

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That’s me. I’m horizontal. Allergic to gravity, and a bit nutty. I like animals, eat way too much porridge, and have a love hate relationship with garden peas. I talk fluent cat, and once googled google to find google...

Thanks for following!

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STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING IMMEDIATELY....this tiny cow has something VERY important to say.

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