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🍿 DID YOU KNOW... That Lilly Aspell (Young Diana) performed all the stunt work herself because it was decided that she did the job better than her own stunt doubles.😲 🍿
Watch "Wonder Woman 1984", out now on Rakuten TV!▢️ #WeekendMovieNights

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Who else has been waiting for this? 😍 Wait no more! πŸ‘ You can now rent the movie premiere for Wonder Woman 1984 on Rakuten TV! ▢️

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Based on a Stephen King novel 😍 the star studded series "The Stand" is now here on Starzplay, Rakuten TV! What are you waiting for? ▢️

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Who remembers these excellent adventurers? 🀣 Bill and Ted are back, 10 years later! Watch "Bill and Ted Face the Music" now on Rakuten TV! ▢️

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🍿 DID YOU KNOW... That Director Josh Boone is a major X-Men fan and owns a large amount of their comics! 🍿
The New Mutants is now available to RENT on Rakuten TV! Watch now! ▢️ #WeekendMovieNights

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We've got something to cheer you up on this cold Monday... The New Mutants is now available to rent! Watch now on Rakuten TV! ▢️

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Nolan fans, rejoice! 🀩 #TENET is now available to rent on Rakuten TV. What were your thoughts on the movie? ▢️

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🍿 DID YOU KNOW... That this film's working title was "Growing Pains" after the 80s sitcom Growing Pains! 🍿 Have you seen The New Mutants yet? Watch it now on Rakuten TV! ▢️ #WeekendMovieNights

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"What's the first thing you'll do when you're free?"
- Jojo Rabbit
We're starting the year full of hope, and wishing that in 2021 we can dance together again πŸ’– #HappyNewYear

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- 2020: *still trying to get our attention*
- Us: Thank u, next.
πŸŽ‰ 2021 is COMING 😍 #HappyNewYearsEve #JojoRabbit

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Replying to @RokuUK: What happens when a young Yeti finds out evidence of the existence of something no one thinks real – a human? Gather all the fa…

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What happens when a young Yeti finds out evidence of the existence of something no one thinks real – a human? Gather all the family on the sofa and enjoy this animated adventure! #SmallFoot is available to stream on @RakutenTV 😊 #HappyStreaming!

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Quoted @RakutenEurope

To ensure people stay entertained at home, @RakutenTV has added over 100 #hollywood movies to stream free of charge in a number of European countries impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Exactly! So many awesome movies, for FREE! 😍 Check them out here:

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🍿 DID YOU KNOW... Shooting for the car chase sequence lasted three weeks and required the crew to close off eight kilometers of a six-lane road! 🍿 It's time for the movie of the year... 😍 Watch TENET now on Rakuten TV ▢️ #WeekendMovieNights

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🎁 Xmas, at last! Enjoy this free movie to celebrate this special day! 🎁 #CountdownToXmas

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Season’s Greetings, the holiday season is finally here! Thank you to all the fans for counting down the days with us and taking part in the #24DaysofJoy.
We wish you happy holidays! Have a safe and relaxing time off with family and friends!

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-1 DAY!!! πŸŽ… What did you ask from Santa this year? We have so many wishes! Have a free movie as our gift to you! πŸŽ… #CountdownToXmas

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✨Today is the last day ✨
Find out the great prizes you can win with Rakuten SportsπŸ‘‰

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- 2 Days! πŸ”” Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, free movies every daaaay πŸ”” #CountdownToXmas

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