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Classic Trolling is for everyone. @jack is yet to speak with Ted Cruz. I have no idea who killed Captain Alex

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When the Africans have better rifles than USA and Canada :
#shameful #USArmy #Guns #bro

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#DissapointYourFamilyIn5Words I joined the actual Taliban

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#DissapointYourFamilyIn5Words Imma gonna do teh crack

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if Kyle Rittenhouse was really there to hunt commies, he'd acquire an auto attachment and go in full Juggernaut Armor and go full on No Antifa and get like 100rnd mags and get a technical and start mowing people

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Facism is left wing because they ran on social security with a spice of nationalism

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#FreeKyleRittennhouse This guy was the victim of the Antifa fegs who tried to kill him

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#AndImNotEvenSorry that this is my fantasy right now!

If this was biden's family, it would cause the left to meltdown

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Replying to @shesooosaddity: if you had a twitter before 2020 rt this

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Who goona sh00t him?

you are now on the @FBI Watchlist

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and to clarify, no I don't mean autistic

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#BlackFriday2020 is gonna be real warfare this time

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#TrumpIsACriminal is a retarded trend. You can place literally all the accusations at trump to biden

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#ActuallyAutistic is a retarded trend. I'd rather get hit by a truck than to agree with this trend

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ableism is not a real thing, get a brain

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@Sia If you’d done the requisite research you’d have not made the mistakes that are obvious to anyone who’s followed the debates around disability for the last decade.

You want us to judge you by your intentions not your actions.

Bruh, Actors act, not like everyone must be a fucking autistic to play an autistic

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Quoted @EricHolthaus

It's because you're showing yourself as someone who clearly didn't put in the work to center disabled and #ActuallyAutistic people before making a movie profiting off of us. Who's judging who here??


Bruh Actors Act. Movies aren't reality TV

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That feeling when you see a film cast a non-disabled person to play a disabled character...

We get angry. Then, we get glad to have the @HonTonyCoelho @NBCUniversal Media Scholarship to support actual disabled people who want to work in media & comms.

Bruh who cares if actors aren't the same in irl

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Actors ACT. NO one gives 2 shites if they're retarded irl

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@Sia @leslieodomjr @maddieziegler Hi Sia, can I ask why you didn't cast a disabled actor for this part? It's pretty offensive the way you've chosen to portray this character. People with disabilities are not broken and don't need fixing. Many of my friends have different disabilities and they are some of the ---

Who the fuck cares, actors are there for ACTING

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if you had a twitter before 2020 rt this

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