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Inditex, Zara’s owner, grew from fewer than 750 stores at the turn of the century to around 7,500. But the pandemic has upended its strategy

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A good, if expensive, idea is to send up special craft to “deorbit” redundant satellites and rocket stages. But there is a better way

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Climate change is about to upend the corporate world through weather-related disasters, regulation and lawsuits. Can businesses react and adapt in time? Film supported by @Mishcon_de_Reya

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In 1999, parliament devolved much authority from the centre to localities, turning Indonesia into one of the world’s most decentralised countries

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Film-makers have argued that relegating “Minari”, an American-made film, to a special category on the basis of its language is xenophobic

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OnlyFans is leading a revolution in sex work, giving creators total control of their image and workload From @1843mag

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Robots are having a good pandemic

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Sir James Dyson's public gallery is a revival of a common practice of old. The National Gallery in London started in a town house in Pall Mall in 1824

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Corporate R&D has grown to offset the reduction in government research. But big firms increasingly choose to license research from universities rather than do it themselves

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Yellow is the colour of Hong Kong's democracy movement

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Each of the candidates for new leader of Germany's CDU have much in common—including the state they come from

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Hospitals in London and the south-east have so far borne the brunt of the current wave of covid-19

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“I left the White House $16m in debt,” said Bill Clinton, in an interview with NBC in 2018 From @1843mag

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Studies that use proxy measures for race show that French people with links to the Maghreb or sub-Saharan Africa are disproportionately absent from French television studios, boardrooms or government

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On “Money Talks” with @Pat_Lane:
-@CHowardCHoward asks, can commodities keep climbing?
-@DuncanWeldon and @JohnGPeet explain how the Brexit trade deal will reshape cross-Channel business
-How much has covid-19 cost the global economy? @S1monCox calculates

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Amazon has an emerging challenger. Ocado, a British firm, is using AI and automation technology to disrupt the online grocery-delivery industry

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Democracies may well be the best safeguard against mob rule. But they are successful only when democratic institutions are nurtured

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Care-home vaccinations seem to be getting done more slowly in Britain than in other countries that got off to a quick start

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The case for impeaching Donald Trump was unassailable. The Senate should move fast to convict him, too. Our cover in North America and Britain this week

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