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This fried rice looks sus →

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Who needs the big game when you can watch turkeys playing soccer? →

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Quoted @YouTubeGaming

Hey @YouTube, which game do you want to play over Thanksgiving?

Let's just say there's an impostor Among Us 😉

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Simply one of the greatest sportsmen of all time. RIP Diego Armando Maradona →

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🧭 Follow Rene & Sam and their great escape all the way across Malaysia in their van →

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Painting looks so, so easy when @lenadanya does it. →

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12 creators. 12 deserving charities. 1 creative gifting chain. Hitting your screens just in time for Giving Tuesday on Dec 1! 🎁 #YouTubesGreatGiftExchange

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Sure dumplings are great but have you tried tiny dumplings? →

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Quoted @streamys

Introducing the #streamys Fan Award for Creator Squad! Here are the finalists:
✨ Hype House
✨ Sway LA
✨ Vlog Squad

Who's your fave squad? Head to @streamys for details about how to vote for this year's Fan Award for Creator Squad 😎 #streamys

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Replying to @youtubemusic: What’s cooler than @BillieEilish’s Bad Guy hitting a billion views? Thousands of fans & creators covering it on YouTube.…

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What’s cooler than @BillieEilish’s Bad Guy hitting a billion views? Thousands of fans & creators covering it on YouTube. We’re celebrating their beautiful, bizarre, & hilarious covers in the world’s first infinite music video. Play #InfiniteBadGuy now →

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You had us at hedgehog, @RobertEFuller. 🦔 ❤️ →

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Monday Mew-d →

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.@PearFleur wants to teach you how to make paint. →

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✈️ This Week in Trending, we’re taking a trip to...

🇺🇸 USA with @DaBabyDaBaby & @smartereveryday
🇬🇧 England with @simonscat & @AnastasiaK_xoxo
🇯🇵 Japan with @harami_piano

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Mukbang, but make it animation →

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What happens when vlogging meets cafe culture? It brews up a new trend called ‘Cafe Vlogs’. ☕️
Grab a cuppa and learn about this trend →

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Calling all #Hotties! Join @theestallion's music video premiere party on tonight's #RELEASEDonYT, starting at 11:45pm ET →

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Quoted @Mythical

IT'S HAPPENING! November 19th, 9am-5pm PST, we'll be going LIVE on the GMM YouTube channel for an all day charity livestream!

If you need some extra help freeing yourself up to be able to attend, we're pretty sure this VERY OFFICIAL & accurate permission slip should do the trick

Ever wanted to hang out with @rhettmc and @linkneal for an entire day? Well, today’s your lucky day, thanks to a special live @Mythical fundraiser in honor of @Innercityarts

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Surprise! @BarackObama dropped in on @Twinsthenewtren's latest video for a special Q&A. Watch the fun unfold here and get ready for a new episode of #BookTube on 12/16 where the former U.S. President discusses his new memoir, A Promised Land.

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"We are all about empowerment, positivity and helping you reclaim your power"💪

YES to this energy 🙌 @NissyTee's mid-week motivation to transform your mindset 💖 →

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