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ion fuck bitches i’m queer


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Replying to @Miltonnnnn5: One of her most recent vulnerable moments & nothing was said

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Quoted @kalimulaa

Y’all be strong and wrong when discussing Nicki like WHAAAAT ?

black women be so fast to tear another women down to uplift somebody else everything they said is wrong nicki has talked about her personal struggles and continues to do it. autobiography dear old nicki? all things go?? y’all be so fast to tear nicki down and that pisses me off!

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One of her most recent vulnerable moments & nothing was said

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according to a close insider nicki minaj and billie eilish have an upcoming collab.

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actually going bald i can’t

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white people be getting so mad when u call them white

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the day’s so boring omg

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she looked so good

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then had her baby a year later so proud of her🤍

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act like they don’t follow but everybody sheep

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Quoted @SkrrtOnTia

I’m starting to think she really named that baby Papa Bear cause what’s that child’s name fr....

she definitely did😭

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i see you say hello @NICKIMINAJ

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Quoted @caIImeyaya

I’m crying why would he ask JT if she had beef with Nicki

lmfaoo “do you have any beef with her”😭😭

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the way bed is easily nickiana’s best collab🤍

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Quoted @chloexhalle


she’s so beautiful

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imagine a catfish steals ur pictures and captions it “didn’t look my best here”🤣🤣

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Replying to @chloexhalle: 🥰

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imagine how much he probably grew since this🥺

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Quoted @TwitterSupport

🐦 Today we’re introducing @Birdwatch, a community-driven approach to addressing misleading information. And we want your help. (1/3)

can’t wait to use it against a btch that say nicki isn’t the queen of rap

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before replying please consider if i care

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