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Dharmendra Bhaskar

Researcher of air pollution, Founder-Shuddh research & development, Head of Smog Tower Delhi, specialist in Smog Tower/Cannon, Sterilisation System,Purification

Paris, France

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Moving forward with technology and awesomeness... to clean air!

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Shuddh Retrofit Air System for #hvac, #ahu, clean room.

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Quoted @JollyAlpana

नब्ज़ पकड़ ली है इसने पब्लिक की

Simply awesome!

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Large crumple zones, rigid body structure & low center of gravity really make a difference

Amazing machine!

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VIDEO: दिल्ली में लगा पहला स्मॉग टावर, अब मिलेगी शुद्ध हवा

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I wish someday these respected #Farmer do similar efforts against #pollution as it is also hampering them differently.

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Medical Oxygen Generator | Medical Oxygen Plant via @YouTube

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Meanwhile, somewhere it happened.

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We must have to admit and ‘admire’ that Delhi has become a place for complete ‘entertainment’ since the new government has taken charge!

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Situation like this in #Delhi since this state government is against the business entrepreneurs, worsening air quality, #traffic issues, political unrest makes it difficult to work.

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Quoted @timesofindia

Pollution deaths in India rose to 1.67 million in 2019: Lancet

I wish @AmitShah @narendramodi sir look into this matter seriously and help innovators and startups working on this field to implement to minimise this poisonous air pollution.

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Quoted @AnupamaPande2

Where is this air commission - which was going to help Delhi NCR air shed ! This is the situation of AQI at 11 AM in morning ! Sun light is not able to reach us thanks to the smoke in the air ! @PMOIndia @NITIAayog @moefcc @BJP4India @PrakashJavdekar @MoHFW_INDIA @AapKaGopalRai

Pathetic situation in #ncr where #aqi is 4 digits now, it’s poorest quality of air n extremely hazardous to health.
More people die of this poisonous air than #covid. Plz don’t make only plans - execute it, it’s high time.
@AapKaGopalRai @ArvindKejriwal @GautamGambhir @AmitShah

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It’s an old subject n still no solid solution. We hv long term solution bt no one to help implement it.

Pollution deaths in India rose to 1.67 million in 2019: Lancet report - /news/india/jagannath-temple-in-puri-reopens-for-devotees-today-after-9-month-curb-11608698327626.html

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India temporarily suspends all flights from UK till 31st Dec in the wake of new virus variant there

Flight ban in effect tomorrow midnight.

All passengers arriving to India from the UK until then will be subject to mandatory RTPCR tests on arrival

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I was travelling through a #teagarden nearby #siliguri and found this polluting #chimney. I thought it’s just rare but no, there were many like this. When we hv technical solution to capture pollutants at the outlet of chimney then why not they using it?

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World’s first foul air death explained in this link below, hope our advertising shop govt understand the seriousness and wake up to take some corrective action.
@ArvindKejriwal @AapKaGopalRai @AtishiAAP @GautamGambhir

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I don’t know how shameless they are to offer this in #UP where ⁦@myogiadityanath⁩ is doing great so far! ⁦@ArvindKejriwal⁩ believes in practical experiences like Goa and all.

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No one is bothered abt poisonous air around us, no one is looking for funds disbursed for minimising pollution, no plan could execute to tackle pollution AND no one has raised concern as politicians succeeded to divert our minds! Shame on @AtishiAAP @ArvindKejriwal @AapKaGopalRai

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Seems officials ignorant on dis deadly issue. People who can’t afford #airpurifier at home can’t survive n no one to take care of that. @AtishiAAP @AapKaGopalRai are busy in other assignments now. @GautamGambhir tried working on it, hope he keeps working on it for people welfare.

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