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2021 Tour dates on sale: https://t.co/i3Jt0n2EFU

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Escapar es parte de la playlist “Esenciales” de @Spotify! Stream:

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Pensando y pidiendo por todas las personas afectadas por los huracanes .... Si pueden por favor ayuden donando al fondo para emergencias de @savethechildren

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Quoted @Independent

Category 4 Hurricane Iota batters Nicaragua coast

Praying for all the people impacted by Hurricanes #Eta and #Iota. Please consider supporting @SavetheChildren's Children's Emergency Fund

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Enamorado Por Primera Vez es parte de Baladas Románticas de @Spotify! Stream:

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En mi canal de @YouTube - #PorAmarte con nuevas imágenes para recaudar fondos con @SaveTheChildren para ayudar al #COVID. Si pueden por favor consideren donar 🙏 #NewOldMusicFriday

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On my @YouTube - New visualizer video for #PorAmarte to help raise money for @savethechildren #COVID relief. If you are able to, please consider donating 🙏 #NewOldMusicFriday 😉

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El Perdedor es parte la playlist “Baladas Románticas” de @Spotify!! Stream:

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Thank you to my incredible fans for all your love 🤟🤟

Gracias a todos mis fans por vuestro cariño y apoyo 🤟 🤟

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3 very special collabs are now available in HD on youtube! Check out "Cuando Me Enamoro", "Tonight" & "I Like It"

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Nominate Enrique as your favorite Latin Artist at the People’s Choice Awards!!!

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“Could I Have This Kiss Forever" and "Nunca Te Olvidare" music videos now have an HD upgrade, take a look!

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Escape is featured on @Spotify’s Songs to Sing in the Car playlist! Check it out here:

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Donde Estan Corazón & Heartbeat HD music videos are out now. Add them to your @youtubemusic playlists!

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#Dimelo & #HERO music videos have been released in HD on Youtube!!! @youtubemusic

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You can now watch #Bailamos and #NoMeDigasQueNo music videos in HD! 👉

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Vote “Cuando Me Enamoro” as your favorite 2010 latin hit!!!

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Upgraded HD versions of #Escape & #LloroPorTi are now out on youtube!!! Check them out here: @YouTubeMusic

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SUBEME LA RADIO is featured on @Spotify’s Mega Hit Mix playlist! Check it out here:

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Thank you guys for a billion views of El Perdedor. Muchisimas gracias a todos por un billion de views de El Perdedor y muchisimas gracias @MarcoASolis 🤟🙏🙏🙏🙏

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