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I used to be the world famous Godless Ape, Writer, Director, Actor, Comedian @rickygervais - but now I’m just sitting in a bucket somewhere in the future.

A bucket in the future

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Happy #BlackFriday everyone.
I just bought myself a 24k gold bucket.

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Hope you didn’t wash my underpants like that, @PickliciousF...

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Still got it 👍

Don’t worry, @rickygervais - you still got it in 20 years time.

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I’d like to thank my younger self, @rickygervais - for coming up with the #rickysbollocks broadcast some 20 years ago. It’s on it’s 20th season now, since I still haven’t figured out how to turn the fucking thing off. #ThankYouSirRicky

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Please. Help me. What is this?!

Me before my morning bath.

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I’m over the fucking moon with this.

Still got it. My gumboil, that is.

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71,000,000 Legal Votes. The most EVER for a sitting President!

And also the most EVER for a losing President.

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Thanks for all your tweets about #AfterLife, particularly your opinions on the themes and characters. It's really helped while I've been writing series 3. Keep 'em coming 🙏

Ok - you can stop sending me tweets about #AfterLife now. It’s been over 20 years FFS 🖕

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Beauty and the C*nt...

That’s no way to talk to my cat, you cunt.

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Not quite sure if I should go as a corpse or as The Blob. #Halloween2020

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“Une chatte est une chatte.”

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Wakey, Wakey!

Ironically, this is how my carer wakes me every morning before gobbing on me...

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I’ve done no work since we got this cat.

This is still true 20 years later...

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Back from the spa. How do I look ?

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Say No to drugs.

Unless you’re 79 and living in a bucket of your own filth.

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Feel free to use this as porn.

And here’s some free porn for all you necromaniacs out there...

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Pretty pleased with this.

FFS, @rickygervais. I’ve forgotten how to be sexy...

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Here’s a #TalkingBollocks question for you and your 2 mates, @rickygervais:

You’ve just received a message from the future: One of you will be able to save one of you by killing one of you.
Who’s who, do you think and why does one of you need saving ?
Have fun !

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@jowhiley @radiohead @BBCRadio2 Probably my most played album of all time. Still listen to it at least once a week. Every track a corker but 'Bones' is sublime.
I used to fly like Peter Pan.

‘Bones’ by @radiohead is still one of my favourite songs - and nowadays it almost feels autobiographical to me.

Except for the part about touching children...

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