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A photographer took these pictures of sunrise from the same place, same time, once each month. See how beautifully he has captured the position of the Sun changing !

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Fun song dedicated to the Mumbaikar

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Mark Zuckerberg's car hits a typical Delhi guy's car:

Delhi guy in anger : Do you know who I am?

Mark : You are Raj Singh. Your father is a politician and you have 40 female friends that your wife wouldn’t want to know about !

Delhi guy : Leave it bro, it was my fault..🤭🙄😁

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Replying to @FlirtingKaapi: Signal has won this round.

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Signal has won this round.

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Substantial inquiries in our civil construction business for expansion in auto, chemical and cement industries.
We in RPG given go-ahead for capital expansion, possible acquisitions. Demand is looking robust.
If vaccines successful, economy may do record growth by Q3 in ‘21.

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We are who we choose to be-

Nobody’s going to save you,
You’ve got to save yourself.

Nobody’s going to give you anything,
You’ve got to go get it.

Nobody knows what you want except you,
And you’ll be the loser if you don’t get it.

So don’t give up and go get your dreams!!!

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A friend wrote on his Twitter account-“Last night, even after 6 drinks though I felt sober to drive, but I acted responsibly and took an Uber.”
After 300 retweets and 600 likes, best comment came from his closest friend- “Where did you go in Uber friend, party was in your house?”

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Duties of a husband and a wife...well explained

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Some interesting rare sights...

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“C" has shot to prominence in this Covid-19 era-


Let’s Change it to-


And now finally-


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Received this personally signed new year greetings - no mention of political party, no status, no frills. I thought to myself, this is class.....

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Replying to @IamOnir: Such a heartwarming story of friendship . @Invincible4158 love and respect for you for doing what you are and love and hugs to…

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Such a heartwarming story of friendship . @Invincible4158 love and respect for you for doing what you are and love and hugs to #Gawhaar for the kindness he showed you , his smile and resilience . We all could do with some kindness . ❤️❤️❤️ @TheAmitSadh @hvgoenka @FahadBombay

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Are our vaccination centres prepared for this?

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New game in town....

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Nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little

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Social media explained....

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Replying to @milinddeora: Chapter 61, Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

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Replying to @dineshjoshi700: Character explained..🙏

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Character explained..🙏

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Why do we need gurus?

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