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Replying to @BrettSVergara: Live footage of me watching @kaitlynbristowe win #DWTS when she should’ve won this Mirror Ball years ago in the first pl…

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Congrats @kaitlynbristowe you were amazing! Huge thanks to everyone at @DancingABC for letting me be a part of this fantastic show. #DWTS

As were you. In my opinion a lot of people were “robbed” of this mirrorball because we all worked our asses off. But I hope people can see it as we all deserved it. I’m gonna be like the girl off mean girls, when she breaks off a piece of her crown for everyone 😂

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Congratulations @kaitlynbristowe 🎉❤️B

Thank you Bruno. You deliciously spicy nugget.

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.@KaitlynBristowe took home the #Mirrorball trophy on last night's @DancingABC finale dancing to #SparklingDiamonds from #MoulinRouge! Watch the performance here.

💃 ❤️❤️❤️

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Quoted @tyrabanks

Congrats to these two winners of the #MirrorBall 🏆. @kaitlynbristowe & @artemchigvintse so proud of you.

Thank you Tyra!!!

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Quoted @DancingABC

.@kaitlynbristowe left it all on the dance floor last night! Find out how it feels to be a #DWTS winner today on @LiveKellyRyan! Visit to find your local time and channel.


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@kaitlynbristowe @artemchigvintse And Bella Army!!! @BellaTwins @totalbellas

Omg YES HOW COULD I FORGET. Thank you @BellaTwins @Jason_Tartick and the #BELLAARMY @totalbellas

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honestly the best photo 😂 #DWTSFinale #dwts


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And of course. Thank you to my partner ⁦@artemchigvintse⁩ I wouldn’t have gotten here without you and there’s no other partner I’d want to win with!!!

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I have thought about THIS moment for 5 years. Thank you ⁦@DancingABC⁩ ⁦@ABCNetwork⁩ ⁦@chrisbharrison⁩ ⁦@bachnation⁩ for making this happen for me.

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Live footage of me watching @kaitlynbristowe win #DWTS when she should’ve won this Mirror Ball years ago in the first place

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I can't BELIEVE tonight is the night. Set your alarms for 5pm PT / 8pm ET - voting is open until 6:45pm PT so please text "KAITLYN" to 21523 and click the link below to vote!! You can vote up to 10x from every device. Thank you thank you love you all🙏🏼🙏🏼

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Yes team!! They are ready to bring it with some Moulin Rouge for the Freestyle Monday! Can’t wait to see this!! 🔥🔥🙌🏻🙌🏻
Bring that mirrorball home guys, bring it home! 🏆👏🏻👏🏻
@artemchigvintse @kaitlynbristowe #dwts #TeamWillYouAcceptThisDance


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Quoted @tyrabanks

Let's hear it for our stars heading to the FINALS! 🎉 It's been such a new experience for everyone this season on @dancingabc.

I love everyone!!!!

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Who’s ready for a brand new episode of #TotalBellas 🙌🏽🥂🤰🏻🤰🏻

Me me meeeeee

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Before I move on from this, forever.... Why is it bad to call someone a smoke show?

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@kaitlynbristowe Will you have Artem on an episode of your podcast after the season is over? To kinda discuss/debrief all things DWTS and how you guys felt about how your season went? That would be cool. @artemchigvintse oh & having Jason a part of that episode would be fun too!


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I think @mykennajean and Ed should date and make an Instagram of their facial expressions. #TheBachelorette

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Doesn’t he look sexy with his hair pushed back? Guys tell Noah he looks sexy with his hair pushed back. #TheBachelorette

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Quoted @WellsAdams

I did. They cut it.

I knew it

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