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Ten After Ten.

Not too early in the morning.
Not too late in the evening.
Not too “on-time”.
Not too tardy.
A good time anywhere in the universe.

I happen to like Ten After Ten.

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If Space Aliens studied Earth culture, they might wonder why the Time in printed ads is usually Ten Minutes After Ten.

Could all these watches, and the people who wear them, be frozen in some Phantom Zone and need to be set free?

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Wow. Didn’t think that last tweet needed clarification.

“We're all the same” refers to us being the same species.

The virus doesn’t discriminate. It just cares that you are human.

The virus doesn’t discriminate. But systems of health care do.

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We assemble Into tribes based on politics, religion, skin color, language, education, birthplace, wealth, & gender expression. Yet COVID-19 reminds us we’re all the same.

The virus doesn’t discriminate, even if we do.

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On Dec 21, 2020, Jupiter & Saturn slide within a tenth of a degree of each other. If your vision is no better than 20/100, the two planets will look as one. Close encounters among celestial objects are “conjunctions”

Deborah Byrd & Bruce McClure say more:

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Between now and Dec 21 Saturn & Jupiter approach each other on the sky until a mere tenth of a degree separates them. Last time this happened Galileo was alive.

The solar system: A Cosmic Ballet, choreographed by the forces of gravity.

Joe Rao tells all:

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Quoted @scale_banana

This crow has a degree in physics.

If Archimedes were a bird…

A thirsty Magpie, displaces water with stones, allowing it to drink continually from the top of the bottle. That’s Badass.

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Quoted @buitengebieden_

The irrigation dog at work.. 😅

Gotta love when farm dogs know Physics.

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@neiltyson So cool Neil! Try this..

Look for ten seconds at the black and white spinning circles

Now see Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” come to life ✨

For some reason, the painting is already alive in my head, but this helps even more.

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van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”, Saint Rémy de Provence, France
[Museum of Modern Art, NYC]

Analysis of the crescent Moon and Venus, reveals that the painting captures the early morning hours near the Summer Solstice 1889 — just before sunrise.

So for me, it’s “The Starry Dawn”

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Why does ice float? There’s more going on there than you might expect.

[A @StarTalkRadio video: 14 min]

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And now, one last clue:

KNOWLEDGE for $1,000
“He nurtured a Television safe-space for smart people”

“Who was Alex Trebek (1940-2020) ?”

Farewell, patron saint of geeks. Jeopardy host since 1984

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Would indeed be ironic if Donald Trump lost the presidential election by a margin of votes equal to the number of his supporters who died from COVID-19, for having refused to wear masks in public.

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How often does a Blue Moon land on Halloween, you may ask?

Depends. It could be November 1 for you, while time zones to your West are still trick-or-treating. Back in the 20th and 21st centuries, the USA saw eight Halloween Blue Moons: 1906 1925 1944 2020 2039 2058 2077 & 2096.

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The expression “Once in a Blue Moon” is colloquial for “The thing hardly ever happens.” But If you meant it literally, then that thing will occur every two or three years.

So, like most cosmic happenings, Blue Moons aren't entirely rare, even if we want to think they are.

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Blue Moon alert:

This year, a Full Moon lands on Halloween. With a 29.5-day cycle of phases, any time you squeeze two full moons into a month, the second one is called the “Blue Moon.”

Yes, that means February is S.O.L. in its bid for Blue Moons.

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Dear Brazil,

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To fear high voter turnout is to implicitly admit that your Political views do not represent those of the Majority.

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If interested, here’s a 35-minute @StarTalkRadio video of me interviewing my Mother for Mother’s Day last year.

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My 92 year old mother, a first-generation mainland-born Puerto Rican, cast her ballot Wednesday morning, minutes after her voting center opened.

[Photo by son-in-law Rich Vosburgh]

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