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#Omaze adds magic to your life with experiences that raise money for nonprofits! ✨

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Two Omaze employees participated in @FirstDescents trips. Since then, you’ve helped raise enough funds to sponsor weeklong trips for 345 adults impacted by cancer! To support their wonderful work (& be in the running to win an Airstream Atlas), head here:

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✨ Just some turtle-y awesome Omaze animals here to bless your feed.✨

#omaze #omazepets

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Tell us what you’d do with $1 million if you won the grand prize in our Orlando dream house giveaway—the winner gets to pick between the house and cash. Then enter for a chance to win:

#omaze #cashgiveaway #OmazeDreamHouse

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You deserve some pawsitivity! Check out these dream experiences from our furravorite teammates. 🐾 What would be your furry companion's dream come true?

P.S. Brad Pitt, call us about the ball pit.

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LAST DAY! Follow the giraffe for a link to enter.

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Iulian S. and Chelly P. each won a Marriott family vacation in our dream house giveaway! #omaze #omazetravels #omazewinners #winnerwednesday

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Smith C. won a 10-day tour through Japan! #omaze #omazetravels #omazewinners #winnerwednesday

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Kyle R. won $20,000 first class plane tickets! #omaze #omazetravels #omazewinners #winnerwednesday

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Moses I. won a trip to a private island in The Bahamas! #omaze #omazetravels #omazewinners #winnerwednesday

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Chris M. won a yearlong mentorship with @garyvee! #omaze #omazewinners #winnerwednesday

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It never gets old... time for another exciting Winner Wednesday!

#omaze #omazewinners #winnerwednesday

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When you're done daydreaming, enter for your chance to win a trip there 👉

#omaze #omazetravels #maldives

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It's #TalkWithUsTuesday and time for another Question of the Week! You can enter with a mix of both a donation and free entries to any experience, but the maximum total number of entries will always be the same.

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This is... your last chance to win a family-style dinner with @justinhartley and @SullivanTweet when it's safe to travel again!

Support Operation Therapy and enter ASAP:

#omaze #thisisus #justinhartley #chrissullivan

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We’re coming out of 2020 with a whole new appreciation for physical health. That’s why it’s our #CauseOfTheMonth! Today we’re highlighting the incredible work of @CMNHospitals. Give back and explore more causes you can support and ways to win big here:

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Clair A. won a $500 gift card to The Little Market and a curated gift package! #omaze #omazewinners #winnerwednesday

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Oppy H. won $50,000 for a dream home makeover! #omaze #omazewinners #winnerwednesday

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Paige B. won the ultimate home arcade… And helped the Comic-Con Museum reach students of all ages! #omaze #omazewinners #winnerwednesday

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Ana V. will meet Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & have Hiram Garcia take a photo to prove it! #omaze #omazewinners #winnerwednesday

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