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Palm is a super small smartphone that has 2 cameras, the full Google Play Store, WiFi & more! Palm’s mission is to keep people connected, not consumed by tech.

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Don't miss our site-wide deals during our #CyberWeek sale happening now! This is the best time to get your palm on a Palm (see what we did there?).

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It's #GivingTuesday... Here's a chance to get your hands on an EXCLUSIVE @StephenCurry30 holiday bundle, plus support the Howard Golf team at the same time. To learn more visit: . #PalmPhone #LifeMode #Golf #HoawrdUniversity

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JUST ANNOUNCED! Get your hands on the EXCLUSIVE @StephenCurry30 Golf Bundle, including unique items only found here. Don’t miss out, limited supplies only. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Howard University Golf Endowment Fund. #GivingTuesday

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Missed out on our Black Friday sale? Don’t worry, we got ya. Our #CyberWeek #Sale begins today! Find site-wide deals all week on Palm & Palm Bundles. Shop your hearts out:

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For every woman on your list: Palm is the luxury gift that's actually affordable. Check out the gift guide from @dayinmydreams. Thanks for the love! Our Cyber Week sale begins today !
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"Palm is an ideal second phone for those times when you don’t want to carry something bigger. And because it can double as your cycling computer, it’s an even more versatile device to have handy." - @BicyclingMag

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Even when it seems impossible, you're still capable of winning it all. #DreamALittleDream #LiveLifeEasy #PalmPhone

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How do you make time for yourself to unplug and enjoy the present moment around you? #LifeMode #PalmPhone #LiveLifeEasy #Holiday

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Not many phones can fit in your wallet and in your minimal lifestyle. Shop our one day sale happening now and get the best price for Palm ever. #PalmPhone #LifeMode #LiveLifeEasy

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#LifeMode #BlackFriday #PalmPhone #BlackFriday

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Today's a great day to become part of the #PalmCrew. Get the lowest price on an unlocked Palm that we have ever offered and other site-wide deals! ONE DAY ONLY on 🎁 #PalmPhone #BlackFriday #LifeMode #Holiday

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“There’s lots of great things to do online, but moderation is often the best rule for life, and it’s no different when it comes to screens” - @bxchen @nytimes

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For #minimalists looking for something different and innovative. Sleek frame, small size, and an array of use cases pairing with any lifestyle. #PalmPhone #LifeMode

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Happy Thanksgiving from Palm! We hope you and your family are finding the best and safest ways to be connected this holiday. Also, remember phones down, forks up!
#HappyThanksgiving #Thanksgiving #PalmCrew #LifeMode #PalmPhone #LiveLifeEasy

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Looking for a gift for someone who likes to stay fit and on-the-go? Palm fits inside any pocket with ease, so you can say goodbye to being weighed down on a run, hike or bike ride. Join our #PalmCrew today! #LifeMode #PalmPhone #LiveLifeEasy

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Psssst.... let you in on a secret. Palm will be $199 on Black Friday. ONE DAY ONLY. Give the gift to make them go WOW! #PalmPhone #LifeMode #Holiday #BlackFriday

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Find your motivation this holiday in connecting with others while disconnecting with your phone. Our #LifeMode ethos values putting real life first. #WisdomWednesday

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Why Palm is the perfect gift, no matter who's on your list. Just ask @StephenCurry30
#PalmPhone #LifeMode #SC30

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By buying an unlocked phone with no contract attached, your recipient activates the phone, giving them more freedom to choose the service plan that best fits their needs. Our unlocked Palm is now $249. #PalmPhone #LifeMode #LiveLifeEasy #Minimalist

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Don't forget our Black Friday sale is ONE DAY ONLY. 11.27.2020. Best deals on Palm ever + side-wide sales.
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