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Quoted @TreyWallace_

Caller: “When are you going to admit you’re not a ball coach and go back to Alabama?”

Jeremy Pruitt’s response ⬇️ #VolCalls

There is something amusing about using: Why don't you go back to Alabama (where you were a key part of the best program in the country) as a burn.

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Quoted @MountainWest

Statement from UNLV, Boise State and MW

Based on guidance from medical personnel and epidemiologists, Friday’s game has been canceled and will not be rescheduled. Both medical teams have been in communication in order to understand the full picture of COVID issues in our region

Little more info on the Boise State/UNLV game which was canceled.

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Boise State at UNLV scheduled for Friday night has been canceled for COVID-19 issues.

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Quoted @SouthernMissFB

From Amory to Hattiesburg, welcome Mississippi native and now head coach 𝗪𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗛𝗮𝗹𝗹 to Southern Miss‼️

#MadeInMississippi | #SMTTT

The first FBS coaching vacancy of the season is the first to fill.

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Quoted @cdavis20000

Fire the Commissioner.

The ADs implemented the minimum games rule.

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Las Vegas bowl has been canceled, which is no surprise.
It had not been given a scheduled date and all signs pointed toward it not being played.

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The WKU-Charlotte game has had more movement than Ravens-Steelers.

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Quoted @FeitCanWrite

@ralphDrussoAP Seems like a good time to bring this back out:

I'm sure not having the opportunity to 50 on Chattanooga really stunted the Huskers' growth this season.
Probably set the program back another year, i imagine.

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Replying to @ChrisVannini: News: The Sun Belt Championship Game between Coastal Carolina and Louisiana will be at noon ET on Saturday, Dec. 19, on E…

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When you’re kinda killin’ it on the twitter dot com.

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News: The Sun Belt Championship Game between Coastal Carolina and Louisiana will be at noon ET on Saturday, Dec. 19, on ESPN or ESPN2.

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Of course if Penn State hadn't cratered and Michigan State was worth a damn, that would have also helped Ohio State make the case that 6 games was enough.

Anyway, good talk. Appreciate the distraction today.

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It benefits the conference to put Ohio State in position to make the playoff.
It did not benefit the conference to allow Nebraska to play Podunk U.
It barely benefited Nebraska other than to prop up its record.

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The B1G's minimum games rule was part of the conference's revised scheduling in the summer. Have to play at least 70% was the original plan by ADs. Then it just got carried over with each iteration of a return to play plan.

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The Big Ten played the damn season to get Ohio State in the playoff and now they're going to undermine Ohio State for Indiana, which LOST to Ohio State.
Makes no sense.

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Quoted @cffmwachsman

@ralphDrussoAP Whether or not it's a good idea (I personally lean toward no) it will look like the league is changing rules for OSU's benefit.

Maybe the league doesn't care about perception, but given that folks already think its handling of 2020 has been a joke, it would be dicey to do.

I get it but seize the opportunity. If they changed the rule at the expense of another worthy team i'd say don't do it. But this would be a victimless crime. The B1G SHOULD be doing things to benefit Ohio State right now because it is in the best interest of the whole league.

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Maryland at Michigan has been canceled. Michigan is pausing all in-person team activities until at least Dec. 7.

Michigan is schedule to play at Ohio State on Dec. 12.

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And here's the reason it's easy for the B1G: You're not screwing any deserving teams. Nwestern already beat Wisconsin. Ohio State already beat Indiana, which is likely to take another L this weekend.
There is no reason to reward Indiana for the good fortune of perfect attendance.

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Very simple solution for the Big Ten re: Ohio State and the B1G championship.
Change the policy. The ACC just canceled two games and put ND in the ACC title game on a Tuesday.
Just say we realize this doesn't benefit our conference.
Pretty easy.

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The AP Top 25 Podcast is out a little early this holiday week.

@NicoleAuerbach and I talk about the what to watch for in the playoff rankings AND where this is all going?
Plus, FSU-Clemson postponement controversy.

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