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I mean… I’m not surprised #SpotifyWrapped

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You can try, and fail, to take bisexual Dean Winchester from my cold dead hands #supernatural #TheySilencedYou

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I feel like I was the victim of a homophobic hate crime by the hands of the writers and then they stomped on my withering body while laughing #Supernatural

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I honestly think I just rage quit #Supernatural

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Actual photo of me watching #Supernatural hoping that we were getting Dean to admit to his feelings for Cas

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I was expecting to get let down but that was a whole new level of let down #Supernatural

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Did I get my hopes up for something I knew wasn’t going to happen? Yes. Will I do I again? Absolutely #Supernatural

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Replying to @ScooterMagruder: RT if you hate the Patriots

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RT if you hate the Patriots

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A drunk college kid running onto the field during the @Braves game was by best part of the night

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Nothing like watching the @Braves and every other Atlanta Sports team do what they do best and choke in a playoff game

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I think it’s safe to say that my aunt has a crush on @KyleRudolph82

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Part 2 of me doing my best @ChrisEvans impression

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Action shot of me doing my best @ChrisEvans impersonation

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Not our Super Bowl but maybe next year #SuperBowlLlll #vikings

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I just wanna thank 2018 for allowing me to finally meet these guys

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We’re ready for some ghost hunting now that I have a pair of ghoul hunting shoes @shalexandej @ryansbergara

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I️t only took me 18 years and a high school diploma but I️ finally got my Vikings jersey

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So this happened tonight

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Find a friend who you can rant to about your favorite show and put up with all your shit cause they’re the real ones

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Was it worth it to possibly have bronchitis? Yes. #playlistlive

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