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i don't know why this obviously Klingon product is marketed with a weak human mother - Phil

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time for Salma Lakhani to dismiss punk ass Kenney and dissolve this miserable , pillaging , heartless UCP government

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ready player two released the same week people are panic buying toilet paper again ...

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it is perfectly safe to continue letting moose lick your star, however.

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i do not understand the instructions

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it turns out that reading the fellowship of the ring with a cat on your lap doesn't get old

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we should be putting people with covid to work serving people who have covid, Business please send a money order to me DM for address

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Replying to @humourheadshark: Die Hard was actually originally a Pagan movie

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Die Hard was actually originally a Pagan movie

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Anthoni Braxton

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im not sad and crying! im hungry and my eyes are drooling!

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it is annoying to me but harmless that some folk refer to their kids by age on social media like '7 did bad thing today'. will be appropriating it for my dad tho.

64 had to leave the doctors office today after a heated argument with the phlebotomist. revoking Xbox privileges.

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the possessive form of Wham! is Wham!'s

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pronounce yeg like veg

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Quoted @thehill

MSNBC's Kornacki named as one of People's sexiest men alive

I've got a venti cappuccino for Steve? A venti cappuccino extra dry?

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you don't see enough bald guys with sunglasses tattooed on their forehead

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so Adam Driver's stunt double is definitely called the designated Driver, right?

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international men's day is a holiday made up by hallmark to sell birthday cards !!

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my dad just doesn't understand that growing my hair out for 8 hours today for charity IS doing something with my life

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what is the deal with this tiny farmer i keep seeing??

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my parents were too poor to get a Baby Names book so they named me A1 Muffler Repair from out of the phonebook

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