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"dreams" out NOW!!! @davidguetta @MORTENofficial
listen here:

Nashville, TN

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updated my @Spotify playlist!! listen & follow here:

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horsey kisses 💋

p.s. there are different kinds of western style riding?! I learned the Cali way apart from the Carolina way...pretty fun 🤠

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mama...I made it to Cali🌵

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good thing I had a lot of practice being a waitress 😁 this was pretty awesome. “Dreams” music video out now... watch here:

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As promised...for 1+ million streams, as well as all the love and support from all around the is another Fleetwood Mac cover.
Thank you, so much love🤍

Full video on YouTube:

#fleetwoodmac #rhiannon #cover

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“DREAMS” IS OUT NOW!!! Hope you guys dig it as much as I do...😏😎 @davidguetta @mortenofficial

listen here:

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MIDNIGHT!!! Set your alarm clocks for 11:59 EST, screenshot it, tag me + @davidguetta + @MORTENofficial, and POST THAT BABY TO YOUR STORY so I can see it 😍 Responding to you guys all day!!!

so pumped...can’t believe this is happening 😅

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made a playlist ✌🏻 @Spotify @spotifyartists

click here to follow:

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SO excited to announce that I have signed with @jonasgroupent for management and my new label home is @RepublicRecords, huge thanks to @joejonas 🖤 Can’t wait to share music with y’all this week!! Thanks for helping my DREAMS come true

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NEW MUSIC ON FRIDAY!! follow me on spotify:

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DECEMBER 4th!!! So excited to finally announce this rad project with @davidguetta and @MORTENofficial 🤩 Mark your calendars, folks..

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#dreamscover #singing #cranberryjuicegirl #oceanspray #viral #fleetwoodmac #dreams

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a whole mood

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I'm just wonderin how these people affordin all these pairs of vans they throwin...

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"are you nervous?"
"Always...nerves mean you care"
-Shawn Mendes

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May or may not be fangirling over @ShawnMendes everyday now 😬♥️ #sos

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Replying to @Groovy1u: *logs into gmail on different device*

Google 2 seconds later:

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Quoted @LeanandCuisine


*logs into gmail on different device*

Google 2 seconds later:

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